"I work with nature. I create installations indoors and environmental art straight into nature; in forests, parks and trees, at cliffs and so on.

I respect nature. In forest I can hang small, glittering in sunlight and almost unnoticeable glasspearls on branches of a fallen tree. On the other hand I rearrange nature’s own materials in a new way in their own “territory”.

I bring nature’s materials gathered from forest indoors. I use them to create larger installations or smaller objects. For example I placed pinecones eaten by squirrel as pieces on the old boardgame. Spruceneedles or cones on the floor can be formed into a big mandala.


Even withered and faded leaves can have a new life in a work of art – at least for a moment. My works are not meant to last forever.

Nature gives us life and energy, opportunities to meditative silent prayer or unbelievable experiences of beauty. If we destroy nature, we will destroy ourselves."


I work with many different techniques and styles. I do not see anything strange about it, because I do just one and the same work - my own life. At the same time, I gain experience of the surrounding reality and I reflect it visible to others. Different forms of work enable the handling of issues in a variety of ways, depending on the situation and the need. Curiosity, enthusiasm, and humility are maintained when you can never say that you have something completely mastered.



The colors delight people. They are seductive and carry with them. Sometimes rickety sometimes quietly calming. They adapt to the shapes or change and create them, they are shaping. Light is the best friend of color. Painting is a mystery.



Combining different materials and techniques is fascinating. The use of recycled materials and natural materials bring new dimensions to art. They let the mind play. The randomness and joy of finding and the history of objects are mixed in new combinations.



Nature was here before us. By life we ​​learn to know it. It is the foundation and condition of our existence. We are in the debt of gratitude. We love it. I am happy when I can use natural "surplus" in parts and materials for the works. I only collect leaves, branches, cones, feathers, etc. from falling to the ground to donate nature. Let me talk to myself and try to make the works in a material way.


Environment, nature itself is the best artist. I approach it as a silence, quietly, as a friend, questioning what I could add to it, how to build something together. Without breaking harmony. Deeply grateful. Materials can come straight from the surrounding nature so I can only arrange them in a new way or combine man-made, artificial, perhaps blatantly opposing, elements of natural serenity. The process is always in cooperation.



Space limits and provides opportunities, dimensions, creates ambience and distances. I always get to the room, in advance, watching, listening, feeling confident. Each state tells its own story, calls for a joint play. Experimenting with three-dimensionalism is very personal, it comes to the skin. The space around the walls surrounds the person.



The three-dimensionality on a small scale is hand-linked. The objects can combine sculpture, painting, readymade and other traditions. Small is easy to perceive - maybe. Snowball can hold ice age and space.



Croquis drawing is fascinating, fun, demanding, painstaking - so wonderful. Within three minutes, it does not make portraits, but try to show something of an essential position, motion, and the essence of the model. The human body is always beautiful.



The computer today offers many new, versatile possibilities for example. to make art. So far, I've only played with a variability of shapes and colors.



The camera sharpens the eye to see big and small things in the urban environment and the nature trail. The camera is a brush that can create new worlds. But light does image - not a camera. Light is fascinated, tempted, the light lurks into light.