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"I work with many different techniques and styles. I don't see anything strange in that, because I only make one and the same work all the time - my own life. At the same time, I gain experiences from the surrounding reality and reflect it to others. Different forms of work enable things to be handled versatilely according to the current situation and need. Curiosity, enthusiasm and humility remain when you can never say you have mastered something perfectly."





The colors make me happy. They seduce and take you away. Sometimes boisterously, sometimes quietly soothing. They adapt to forms or change and create them, mold from existing ones. Light is color's best friend. The painting is a mystery. I want to dive into that mystery. Recently, it has produced e.g. sign-like shapes. Depicting a person is challenging, you never get tired of it and you're never done.




Combining different materials and techniques is fascinating. The use of recycled materials and materials provided by nature bring new dimensions to art. They let the mind play. The randomness and joy of discovery and the history contained in the objects are mixed in new combinations.




Nature was here before us. As we go through life, we get to know it. It is the basis and condition of our existence. For that we owe a debt of gratitude. That's what we love. I am happy when I can use nature's "surplus" as parts and materials for works. I only collect fallen leaves, branches, cones, feathers, etc. to donate to nature. I let it talk to me and I try to realize the works in a way worthy of the material.




The environment, nature itself is the best artist. I approach it timidly, quietly, as a friend, asking what I could add to it, how to build something together. Without breaking the harmony. Deeply grateful. The materials can come directly from the surrounding nature, in which case I simply arrange them in a new way or combine man-made, artificial, perhaps blatantly opposite elements with the calmness of nature. The process is always a collaboration.




Space limits and offers possibilities, dimensions, creates atmosphere and distances. I always get to know the space in advance, by looking, listening, feeling. Each space tells its own story, invites you to play together. Experiencing three-dimensionality is very personal, it comes on the skin. The space of the walls surrounds the experiencer.





The three-dimensionality on a small scale is palpable. The objects can combine sculpture, painting, readymade, etc. traditions. Small is easy to grasp - maybe. A snow globe can fit an ice age and space.




Croquis drawing is fascinating, fun, demanding, painful - so wonderful. In three minutes, we don't make portraits, but we try to show something essential about the pose, movement and essence of the model. The human body is always beautiful. I have been drawing croquis for years in the Heavenly Academy group founded by Outi Heiskanen.




Today, the computer offers many new, versatile possibilities, e.g. to make art. So far, I've only played with the modifiability of shapes and colors.




The camera sharpens the eye to see big and small things in the urban environment and along the nature trail. The camera is a brush with which you can create new worlds. But the light makes the image of what is photographed - not the camera. Light fascinates, attracts, light seduces into light.

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